“DG Foto Smart” is fastest, innovative and complete album design software for a new age.
It is a Stan-alone software specially been developed for professional photographers to create stylish albums complimenting the photography at the fullest. No creativity or technical knowledge required. Anyone can use this awesome, easy and quick software, which has turned a tedious task into a fun.

“DG Foto Smart” has the ability to custom tweaks to the pre-designed templates which makes the software everyone’s favorite. You can modify the pre-defined layouts, templates and save it for further use. Also, you can make your own designs and layouts.

Dg Foto Smart is a Subscription Based Module.


Dg Foto Smart can be installed on Windows & Mac platform.

Minimum System Requirements on Windows platform:
Intel i3 2nd Gen RAM 4 GB 10 GB HDD Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

Minimum System Requirements on MAC platform:
Mac OS 10.10/ 10.11 / 10.13 RAM 4 GB 10 GB HDD


No. Dg Foto Smart software does not requires any dongle. It is a dongle free software.

Answer. Yes, internet connection is mandatory for registering Dg Foto Smart software.
Answer. Yes, anyone can download the Trial version of the software for free from our website www.pxlsoft.com
Answer. Dg Foto Smart, one license key works only on one computer. To run on multiple computers, you need to purchase multiple licenses
Answer. Internet is required only at the time of registration of Dg Foto Smart (one time process) & at the time of Export until the export process starts. Once the export process starts internet can be disconnected.